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We are a family business that offers a broad variety of ways to evolve.

Our work is done either on skype or personal meetings.

We us different techniques for personal and spiritual growth.

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Many of our clients is helped to free up their locked energy in the body's normal flow.

Common symptoms when energy is locked is to experience stress, hypersensitivity, burnout, which in turn can give illness.   

Many times, one is aware that the body is not working properly, but there is no solution to how to recover control.

Transcendental Energy Healing opens the system so we can get in and know where blockages exist and release these with natural light energy.   

Let us help you regain command over your body and mind.


- Let us help you to control the energy to help the body

- Feel the vitality within you when energy is working for you

- Learn the benefits of a well-balanced energy flow

Transcendental Energy Healing

Mostly, the shadows in the body is what needs to be balanced.

In many different cultures, people talk about the light and the darkness in humans.

In our work we found that the darkness kan be released trough understanding and by releasing the shadows.

What are shadows, they can be feelings, entities, demons, past lives, blockages that overlap different parts of the body.

When you add light to the dark, it will clearly not stay in the shadows and come up, to leave the body.

How do we do this!

As a light worker, I get into the commond energy system after I get permission from the client.

Almost as connecting computers together on internet.

When connected, all gets clear and all the dark parts in the body will show it self, these dark parts we then free so the light comes back. It is common among people that you alone can't reach certain shadows and therefore are in need for help to remove them.

In our normal state, one talks about duality and that everything has to be the opposite of each other.

It's a part of what we've learned here on earth, but that's not what matters anymore.

Now it's important to bring back the light and the love into the body!

When you work with yourself and absorb more love in the heart and soul, the light develops and you get a state of living in the present.

Living in the present gives a calm and increased spiritual sensibility.

We try to keep a sense of darkness within us to maintain duality.

The mayans talked about the unity and the duality, were we now is heading back to unity.

If you want more information please send me a email.

Skype:  50 min sessions.  Payment with PayPal or Bank.

Soul-Centered Healing

It is an approach that acknowledges every person who is not only a physical being, but also as a mental and spiritual presence.

Just like infrared light, these dimensions go beyond the existence of our soul beyond ordinary consciousness.

We can say they are on another octave.

Nevertheless, we live and interact in these dimensions of consciousness, as sure as we do in physical reality.

And as sure, they can influence us in ways we are not always aware of.

Soul-Centered Healing acknowledges that there are phenomena, conditions, entities and energies that are active at these subtle levels and which can cause a person's ongoing problems, pain or confusion. This includes, for example, sub-personalities that trigger and respond to what's happening everyday reality. These are parts of the self created under the experience of early trauma, which continues to exist and affect a person on unconscious levels. They are often described as having a mind for themselves.

Other phenomena include the influence or harassment of spiritual entities, or meetings with dimensional beings.

They include past life influences which are perceptible or break into one's current consciousness.

Former lives, for example, are often involved when a relationship has become entangled and destructive.

It is also not uncommon at these levels to find people who feel blocked or disconnected from their own soul-source energy,

who feel hopelessness and love problems, or are desperate.

With specific methods and protocols, SCH can help a person access and work at these levels when needed for healing and dissolution. The goal of Soul-Centered Healing is to help a person get ready, centered, and confident. It means living in the present with the knowledge that you are a creature of light and aware of their choices. This is through a process of identifying and solving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether they come from within a person's inner world or from outside.

Attachments from spirits, demons, entity

That's when our intellect is adversely affected

When a attached energy has taken over a body and is under control.

We have a way to addres this attachments to release them from the physical body.



Quantum Healing  Hypnosis


Get access to your own all-knowing for healing your own problems as well as the general well-being.

You can solve your mental and emotional and physical problems with this well-proven method designed by Dolores Cannon.

You are put in a trance state where you can meet the all-knowing that gives / will give you the information and opportunity for healing for both body and soul. Your own imun system does the job with you and your subconscious.


We do not do anything for you, but your body will get the tools needed to solve the problems.

We work more like a GPS that speaks of which route to choose.


Previous life therapy as a basis for healing

Our all-knowing is a door to your basic inner knowledge of insights and understanding.

We carry on all the answers within ourselves.

You will know which karma affects your current life and who you have a karmic relationship to in this life.

Gain understanding of who you are and what your characteristics are, you'll also experience amazing adventures.

Dolores Cannon has trainings around the world in her own advanced technology that she started in the 60's.

If you are unsure of what you need, before all sessions we look into what type of session will fit your needs.