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LifeForum Sweden AB

Platsen för inre helande och personlig utveckling

Welcome to Life Forum Sweden AB


We are a family business that offers different variety .


On this page you can find more about Healing and Hypnosis .

Anders Knutas work with different techniques for personal and spiritual development among his clients.


If you have any questions or concerns you can email to anders@lifeforum.se.


All reservations are made ​​through book directly , you will find a link at top left of the homepage .

Hypnoanalys is an appropriate form of therapy for all conditions that may in any way be associated with emotional or psychic powers such as phobias , migraine , anxiety , anorexia, abnormal weight , sexual disorders , alcoholism , depression and more. Hypnoanalys is also a brilliant way to self-awareness that makes it possible to dare to be the person you want to be .



This is a completely private and individual therapy , which means that it is not firmly going to say how many visits as needed, but you should probably expect 6-10 sessions.


Each consultation takes about 90 minutes.



Release of ego state that blocks the elaboration . We work with ego state from the current lifetime and previous lifetimes, both on earth and beyond , as well as the release of spirits, dark souls , ET 's, dimensional enititer / energies , internal and external ego state. Spirit Realese . Control of Dark Spot and release of blockages. Balancing the mind and soul energy and adjustments .



Here we work with two different techniques. Hypnosis with ideo motor signaling and Trancendental Energy Healing without touch.



Each consultation takes about 90 minutes.



Get access to allknowing for healing of your own problems / feelings. Your mental and emotional as well as physical problems can be solved with this proven method designed by Dolores Cannon. You put in a trance state in which you get to meet allknowing that gives / will give you the information and opportunity for healing for both body and soul. Your own imunsystem do the job together with you and your subconscious.



In this session, included regression to past lives .


Each consultation takes about 3 hours .



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